Ecosystem that is already forty years developing in a sealed bottle

The first thing that comes to mind when you see this big green mass in the bottle – that the pensioner David Latimer from England, a famous gardener. But, to be honest, a garden in a bottle (which is 50) doesn't take David much time. The last time he watered it as much 40 years ago.

Last forty years, the bottle was closed and never opened. All this time, tradescantia (name of plant) develops in complete isolation from the outside world and feels great. 80-year-old Mr. Latimer said that he keeps the bottle at a distance of approximately 2 meters from the window, so that the plant gets enough light. So the leaves that are drawn to the light, grew evenly, the owner from time to time spins the bottle.

No more care is not necessary. In the bottle obrazovalas kind of miniature ecosystem. Despite the "isolation" from the outside world, the plant can absorb light and perform photosynthesis – the process by which sunlight is converted into energy that is needed for growth. During photosynthesis a plant produces oxygen; is humidification. Moisture builds up and "shed the rain". Falling leaves rotting in the bottom of the bottle, making produces carbon dioxide, which is needed for photosynthesis and nutrition, which is absorbed by the roots of the Idea to put a plant in a bottle came Mr. Latimer, in 1960, he did it for no particular purpose – just out of idle curiosity.

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