Three important advice on how to escape from zip

1. Direct human lightning can get very rare. Usually it has, for example, the lightning rod, and from it the current is distributed on the ground. On its surface there is a high voltage, which acts on the man, as he touches the ground down. This voltage is called "stepping". And the wider the step the person, the it more. The voltage, which created lightning, is valid only tens of microseconds. People react to it differently. There are instances when a person was under the stress of 100 thousand volts and it was still alive, others were killed by a voltage 10 times less. So, when the sky starts, a flash of destiny is better not to test. Better to wait out the storm at home or any other shelter.


2. In the cities construction design so that they can without hurting too much themselves to make the roof a lightning strike and divert the current into the ground. But even with the apparent safety better safe: do not go near the house, especially high-rise. If lightning strike current, passing through the internal structures of the building will be spread on the ground where you can stand you.


3. Many people like to swim during a thunderstorm. That's the thing to do! If storm bad weather caught you bathing, water should immediately get out. Your body is extended at full length, and the most life-threatening "step voltage" will be more than if you were standing on the ground, as it will determine the distance from your palms to your feet.


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