Scientists have found that leads to explosive eruptions

Scientists from the University of Southampton (UK) found duplicate trigger the largest explosive eruptions on Earth.
Volcanic Caldera of Las Canadas in Tenerife (Canary Islands) produced at least 8 strongest eruption over the past 700 thousand years. As a result, the columns of the eruptions was more than 25 km in height, roscida pyroclastic material more than 130 km around. Even the most weak of these disasters by the number of ejected material more than 25 times was higher the eruption of the Icelandic volcano, Afflation 2010.

Analysis of magmatic formations formed by the accumulation of crystals in magma discovered in pyroclastic deposits, have shown that prevulcanised mixing in the magma pool, where older cooler magma mixed with younger and hot, acts as a trigger of large-scale eruptions.

These formations store the final samples of the magma, as it was immediately before the eruption, and I can tell you about all the changes taking place in the volcanic hearth, until the explosion.

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