Named the top three most dangerous insects

1. Termites
Termites do not bear direct danger to the person play a crucial role for the environment in addition, in some cultures, they even use as food. But termites can cause untold damage to the infrastructure, sometimes making the house completely uninhabitable.

2. Lice
Lice are wingless parasites that eat skin particles, blood and other secretions of the human body. Most often carry these insects are human beings, and in nature, comprise around 15 different species of lice. They can be a carrier of the disease.

3. Deer tick
Every year deer tick infects thousands of people with Lyme disease, which begins with a rash around the bite that resembles a bull's eye. Early symptoms of this disease include headache and fever. A few can die from these bites, but the effects may be manifested for many years after the unpleasant meeting with mites.

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