Amazing building in the shape of musical instruments built in China

The architectural ensemble of the Piano House was built by order of the Chinese government. It consists of two musical instruments — a luxurious Grand piano, which is propped against the glass violin. Proportional with the original tools 50:1. Authorities report that in this style, they will equip a whole new district of the city of Hefei.

Great works often appear incredible only because of ego and power of some of the masters of the world, geniuses or rulers of countries. It was built the Taj Mahal and the pyramids. And the world is lucky to have such people, because sometimes ideas can seem even crazy. There is no other word to describe the decision to build a house in the shape of the piano and the violin in the middle of nowhere.

The ensemble was an example of the style, which will be built new district of the city of Shannan. But such projects are not only Chinese trend, in recent years the same design of the original house around the world, such as home-crystal from Tom Wiscombe.
This house was built for those who loves most music students from music College, who have here are prakticheskie classes.

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