The disappointing findings of scientists: Holy water dirtier ice from fast food Chinese

Recently, the experts conducted tests of the water from the Holy sources of Vienna. The result is disappointing: the amount of harmful organisms in the water was even higher than ice cubes from a Chinese catering.
On average, one milliliter of water in the fountains and columns of Austria had up to 62 million bacteria. In 86% of the samples found substances that are in the feces and waste. Drink a glass of Cola with ice in a Chinese McDonald's a lot safer than a glass of water from the Holy spring in Vienna.

The number of Chinese fast food is no accident. Experiments in Beijing proved that the amount of harmful bacteria in the water and the ice cubes in the network of restaurants of KFC, McDonalds and KungFu to 19 times higher than normal. According to experts, the water there is "a little cleaner than the toilet."
From all this we can conclude that the water which is taken from the Holy spring is not only not cure the disease, but will cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract. If only, of course, will not come by divine power.

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