The British are going to launch an unusual eco-friendly public transport

Despite the trend of creating unusual and high-tech car, the minimum concept car BOX lacks unnecessary detail. Its design is quite simple: a square body, indicators, seats, a Luggage compartment and the wheel.

A car from Vhook & Bone developed in order to make easier traffic flow in Metropolitan areas. It has four electric motors embedded in the wheels, which will allow free up more space inside the body. The dimensions of the BOX are not more sizes Smаrt. The weight of the concept car only 340 kg. Strong body frame will provide sufficient speed for its level of security.

Car — a kind of taxi. Small and large BOX will provide four places for passengers with Luggage. Indicators located on the front and the rear of the chassis ensure safe movement among a stream of more powerful and heavy vehicles. Tourists and residents can rent a BOX at taxi stands. // Brooks & Bone Box from Richard Bone on Vimeo.

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