NASA astronauts were allowed to fly in a condition of alcoholic intoxication

The ad hoc working group of Astronaut Health Care System Review found a strange fact, was that the NASA astronauts were allowed to fly in a condition of alcoholic intoxication, at least twice. In addition, the experts have evidence that the astronauts breaking the rules, drank alcohol during a twelve-hour period prelaunch. Independent experts, who found a number of violations, were involved in an internal investigation at NASA after in February 2007, astronaut Lisa Nowak was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and assault.

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The NASA report reveals that astronauts, whose names were not called, instilled fears of their colleagues who objected to flying with drunken crew members. The Commission's experts not only did not disclose the names of delinquent astronauts, but also refused to say during any of the expeditions, was discovered such violations. However, the air force Colonel Richard Bachmann during a press conference told that the first case of alcohol drinking was recorded during the preparations for the Shuttle launch, a flight which in the end was postponed. The second time astronauts abusing alcohol before the start of the Russian spaceship "Soyuz", which was once again to deliver to the ISS equipment and food, reports BBC News. First Deputy head of NASA, Shana Dale stressed that the Agency will create a special Commission that will conduct an internal investigation to determine the perpetrators in the incidents of employees. Dale also called for the introduction of strict internal regulations for the astronauts. Meanwhile, representatives from NASA announced that the computer which was intended to send to the ISS, was deliberately damaged by an unknown attacker. Currently on this fact conducted an internal investigation. The computer was designed to collect and analyze data from various sensors on the ISS.

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