The most successful car-the plane that mankind has invented

The American company Terrafugia was able to overcome all barriers. In March last year, under her leadership, rose in the sky example of a hybrid. The flight lasted 8 minutes. Flying cars have been able to overcome a height of 430 metres. This device still has many challenges, but getting laid.

With a car he doesn't have many similarities. More similarities he had with double small plane. In the history of aircraft of these models saw enough. But now for this miracle - the plane announced the $279 thousand.
As the developers say, the most difficult part for them was to combine the two into one, that is, that the device fully meets the requirements and standards of vehicles and aircraft.

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For cars this product should be tested for security and excellent lighting. And for the air ship it has to try all means of communication, a stable position in the sky. And the weight of the device should not be more than allowed.

Samoletami equipped with a special cage for security purposes. And there are two pillows and seat belts. In the air the device can be managed outdoor the helm. Wings folding by electric drive and in just 30 seconds. The device is officially registered as a light aircraft.

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