Invented a backup power source for all occasions

Novelty has a lithium-polymer battery, which can charge from AC mains, solar battery, hand generator, air, or water turbine.
The company Powertravelle invented a backup power source for all occasions Powermonkey Expedition, which is designed primarily for people who often spend time away from civilization.


The device's modular design. In the base of a cylindrical unit in the aluminum case contains a lithium-ion polymer battery with a capacity of 10 500 mAh.
Charge the Powermonkey Expedition from the mains AC. In the case of the main unit there is a small information display. A device made in accordance with standard of IP65, which means total protection from dust and water jets from any direction.

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Away from an outlet Powermonkey Expedition turns into a small power generator, which can develop in different ways. The modular design will allow to connect a 5 watt 5 volt solar panel: in clear weather, as they say, on a full charge battery goes from 16 to 21 hours.

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