Weather forecast: forecasters are wrong, animals never

We live in a time when people to familiarize themselves with the weather forecast use the technique. But in life there are moments when the Internet may not be available. Weather, you can see if you look at the behavior of animals. Since ancient times it is known that this task birds and our wild creatures cope pretty well.

Ancestors learned from the behavior of the domestic cat to determine what kind of surprises are prepared for us to the weather:

— When the cat is sleeping, with her legs under herself Lara, expect cold.

— Cat dreams, lying on his stomach, in a short time expect warming.

— If the cat tries to warm itself back, soon it starts to rain.

Cat sharpening its claws on floor – windy weather.

— There was a cat in the oven, and is heated – will come soon the extreme cold.

Proven that cats to predict the weather, do not use any mysticism. The fact is that animals such as cats, are very sensitive to changes in atmospheric pressure. As soon as pressure changes, animal behavior is also changing.

What will the weather be, you know, paying attention to cows. If a horned animal is drinking a little water, and the evening greedily eating grass – in the morning be prepared for rain.

Dogs are also endowed with similar abilities. Please note that the dog swinging on the ground before the rain storm.

Closest forecast the weather you can predict the behavior of birds. Birds such as rooks, basically always build nests near homes of people. Observing these birds and you will learn weather, without the aid of technology.

In that case, if the rooks a flock of anxious shouting, while flying over the nest, expect bad weather. When the rooks frolic and play, the weather will be lovely.

Long ago our ancestors noticed a lot of weather will associated with swallows. If a swallow flies high above the ground – the weather is dry, and if a low flight over the earth, the swallow rises sharply, will certainly be a storm.

Poultry is also great forecasters. Geese and ducks are constantly hiding their heads under wings — expect cold and cold.

Heavy rain will, if a hen hides her chickens under.

Winter, wait for the thaw, when the goose at the cold flaps its wings. And if these domestic birds are in winter on one foot, expect severe frosts.

You saw that the chickens "bathe" in the sand, flapping its wings – will certainly wait for the rain. But if the hens start to vetrate their tails to the Blizzard.

Wait for rain when the chicken tail down and feathers hung.

In the evening hear the sound of a Cockerel? This means that the weather will change. In the middle of a clear day, the roosters perekrikivayutsya between them – the rain.

Knowing these signs, you with quiet soul can go to nature, to the village and to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones, and without gadgets. Breathe the fresh air and relax from the bustle of the city without fear of unpleasant surprises from the weather.



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