London Dawn (13 photos)

People gathered in central London to see the planned dawn, which took place earlier than usual, even for one hour.
Project with a huge shining ball should warm the residents in these cold days.

London dawn today took almost an hour earlier than usual - at 6:51! Sunset also delayed until 19:33. It was at this time in Trafalgar Square shut down the artificial sun - installation created art-group Greyworld.

This work weighs 2, 5 tons and provides coverage equivalent to the work of 60 thousand light bulbs. If you compare the size of the "sun" with a soccer ball, it is more in the 30 thousand times! Installation - part of the action Brighter Mornings, organized juice producer Tropicana. This company believes that the contemplation of the bright sun should cheer up residents of the British capital in the day, which is called the "Black Monday" and is considered to be the most depressing day of the year.


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