Plastic bottles for hydroponics

House plants gradually make the way that once already paved Pets. This way "out of the woods into the yard, from the yard to the house." It is now becoming fashionable and convenient to grow vegetables directly in the place of cooking, as is done, for example, in a vertical column the kitchen. This contributes to the active development of technology of hydroponics.

The ease with which you can now grow food at home amazes, educates and encourages for further development of this direction.

Petomato – long tube for a standard plastic bottle. Fill a bottle of water, tighten the cap, throw into it a grain and put the bottle on the window. The rest is handled by nature. I am sure that buying this device is not necessary, especially at the price of $ 15, and with a little effort, to build such a device. However, it already exists so we talk about him.

Thus, a plastic bottle takes second, and possibly third or fourth life, instead of having to Fund municipal landfills or trash Islands in the oceans.

And the user receives a miniature garden directly from the kitchen. Green sill pleasing to the eye and brings fruits: peppers, tomatoes, mint... Yes, anything.

Of course, the residents of the former Soviet Union at all was not surprised, because there was probably a man who did not grow green onions in a mayonnaise jar. But the young and "green" in the screen-sticks generation can be useful as an innovation and a new experience.



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