New technology for manufacturing fertilizers from a Chinese scholar

Chinese scientists have proposed to combine the disposal of chicken feathers and carbon dioxide in one useful process of manufacture of fertilizers.

Changle Chen, University of science and technology of China and his colleagues found the use of two polluting the planet, components. They calculated that the heating chicken feathers to 600 ° C for 3 hours in a C0 2 can get a few nutrients. One of them is ammonium bicarbonate, a fertilizer and food additive. But even better, if we warm a substance up to 60 ° C, it produces ammonia, urea ingredient, an effective fertilizer. Currently, 2 percent of the world's energy is required for the manufacture of ammonia using the energy-intensive Haber process. Chen said that getting urea from chicken feathers could save part of this energy.

The second product unusual synthesis of carbon microspheres. They can be used in water-resistant coatings, and the addition of a catalyst turns them into carbon nanotubes, suitable for solar cells and biosensors.



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