Typical errors of parents in the nutritional status of children

1. "Adult" and "children's" food
Parents tend to go to extremes. Or they want as much as possible to enrich the diet of the child: "wealth" is beginning to enter the early age of the baby "adult" components of the diet — salt, sugar, spices, food-allergen products, which include harmful both for kids and adults alike, and food additives. That is, the line between child and adult food is erased. Or parents meticulously control the accuracy of baby food at the same time, not watching his diet, forgetting that children adopt their model of behavior. In this case, food for children and for adults is very different, because it's so convenient and beneficial to parents.
Carefully follow the recommendations of experts in the preparation of the child's diet and don't forget about the psychological component of this process (you for your child — an example to follow!).

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2. The excesses and pressure
Dividing food into good and bad, adults sometimes believe that food with a "plus"not much happens, and if the child does not love her — you just have to make. But why? Our expert, doctor, nutritionist, Elena Motova wrote in the article "What to do if a child does not eat?""Food with no appetite, but forced <...> simply will not be absorbed properly and will not bring anything, except harm". We need to question baby food to adhere to three important criteria: properties, actions and good will.
Not all healthy foods are suitable: for example, turnips, radishes, beets, beans and peas can cause flatulence, intestinal cramping and even diarrhea. This means that we need not only carefully to study the properties and influence on the child's body specific products, but also to closely watch the child's reaction to them, because hypersensitivity has not been canceled.
Further. Definitely useful for a growing organism fish may be present in the diet of the child 1-2 times a week (to the extent in which the child wants), and this will be enough. But if the baby from fruits and vegetables only have a 3-5 favorite — that's good. The rest you can offer to try, but not to insist. The main thing — that they were in daily diet. This is the question.
Well, goodwill is due to the fact that often children are better interpretiruya the needs of your body, they are thinner than adults, feel that they need (their appetite is not spoiled "as necessary").
Do not force your child, and encourage him. He sees the meals as a "obyazalovke", but as an opportunity to experiment, to try something new.

3. Diet
Here parents can understand that some experts argue that proper nutrition — three meals a day, others fractional (that is, added another 1-2 snacks), and others even argue that you should eat only when hungry, not when the time came.
Parents, it is important to understand that a child isn't a robot, so the clear system it may not stick. Today he just wanted to eat, and tomorrow, he made up for that shortfall. And sometimes the children, as they say, just forget to eat. But once the body is "forgotten", so he did not want to? Is this possible? Certainly!
The above should make you to let it go. Breakfast is sacred: both for children and for adults — we need the strength to cheerfully and actively to start the day. And then observe the child. Of course, if he says he's hungry, his need to feed. If not suitable to you, then everything is normal. But if you notice that you already do for a long time the child did not eat, you offered, and he refused to go trick — work up an appetite with him, in the truest sense of the word. After walking in the fresh air, the appetite is usually excellent.
Again, if we return to the opinion of our expert Elena Motova, I want to remember her wise and simple thought: if the baby moves a little (which is quite often the case today), almost does not waste energy, of course, he didn't need to top up, and therefore no appetite. And hard parents try to make the child eat. What for?
Invite a child to eat with the whole family, ask him if he is, so he can understand that he always has a choice and that he should listen to yourself and your needs.

At the end
This error is logically connected with the previous one.
Let's obstreperous and present... the car. Here we filled petrol in the morning. Full tank. But the car before lunch stood, that is, gasoline is not spent. And we decided that the time has come, again, approach the car and trying to pour more gasoline, although this is not necessary. Moreover, there is no physical possibility something somewhere add. However, it is absurd?
And in nutrition. In this case, we raise the topic when parents force the child to eat everything put in a bowl. It does not matter that the child no longer wants, he is satisfied, he has what is called a full tank.
Let the child determine the degree of satiety. In the end, it's okay if he soon get hungry and come back for more!

Prohibited food as encouragement
You as responsible parents are told the child that fast food, sugary sodas and all sweets is extremely harmful. You as a caring parent replace all the junk food at home useful. But know that the child pulls on the cakes, he wistfully passes by fast food establishments, timidly asks or demands categorically in the store that you bought him being permanently banned. And here is the start of food manipulation (and who they are best, hard to say): if your child will behave well, or to learn, then he promises something traditionally forbidden foods. Imagine what weird logic: junk food... need to earn, to be worthy of her, to try in order to get it. And healthy food is a given that need to be endured. That is in addition to wrong food habits the child acquires a distorted understanding of what is good for him, no, and, no less terrible, adapts to the manipulation and barter in General interaction with parents.
But things could be different if you realized (remember that we started) that "children" and "adult" food should not be different. Don't forget, you must show the child an example. If the snacks at home in a vase fruits, vegetables, nuts or marmalade, if mom and dad eat the same food as the child if it something that is good naturally and organically, then even the slightest reason for manipulations will not appear.


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