Suspension installation Air garden to Los Angeles

Colorful oblagorozhenny installation designers came up with specifically for LAX

Los Angeles-based design Studio Ball-Nogues (Ball-Nogues studio) presented its new project — a hanging Garden installation, Air ("Air garden") to the International airport of Los Angeles (Los Angeles International Airport, LAX). Installation location spatial composition was selected as the Western terminal of the terminal Tom Bradley (Bradley West Terminal).

Colorful oblagorozhenny installation designers came up with specifically for LAX — their main purpose was the introduction of the contemplative element in the vigorous life of the terminal. "Air garden – a place for reflection and rest, a place where you can dream," explains Boll and Nogues, inspirers of the project. The installation is located so that it can be seen from every corner of the terminal.


Spatial composition consisting of mixed metallic chains attached under the arches of the terminal, but the designers still had a small space separating the "Air garden" from the roof structure. This is done to ensure that the audience has the feeling structures, freely floating in the air.

Ball-Nogues studio working at the intersection of architecture, art and industrial design. The name of the Association consists of the names of its founders, Benjamin ball (Benjamin Ball) and Nogues Gaston (Gaston Nogues). The Studio's work has been exhibited at the Museum of contemporary art, Los Angeles (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles), new York's Museum of modern art (the Museum of Modern Art, New York), the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (the Guggenheim Museum) and others. In addition, projects, Ball-Nogues studio, just wrote the New York Times and The Guardian.




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