The battleship Vasa Ship - the shame and the pride of Sweden

The battleship Vasa ship went on its maiden voyage in 1628, it has been found 64 guns.
The ship was supposed to be the ultimate weapon in the war against Sweden, Poland.
The dimensions of the ship surpassed all records made while in the shipbuilding industry.
However, the first flight from Stockholm, he never mastered - sank after swimming 1 km.

Design of three-masted vessel height of 52 m and a length of 69 m. Was commissioned Dutch architect Henrik Hibertssonu, who had no choice but to rely on as the size of the table, which were then used in the shipyards.

Probably built on these tables "Vasa" sank and would, if not for the customer ship King Gustav II Adolf. He demanded too much and wished to see on the board 64 gun that matched the firepower of the entire Polish fleet. King heard from spies that the Poles had planned to build a similar military machine, and ordered to establish a number of guns.

Heavy stones in the hold had to balance the ship, but "Vasa" dangerously tilted, despite the 120 tonnes of ballast, even at relatively low sea conditions. After descending to the water vessel, Vice Admiral Klaus Fleming ordered 30 men to run from the left side to the right and back, to test the stability.

This experiment was not revealing. August 10, 1628 the ship went on its maiden voyage in the direction of Danzig. After a few meters, he banked. Soon at the bottom of the hole for the guns start to flow water. As a result, "Vasa" sank and took with him to the bottom 30 to 50 of the 437 crew members.

In 1961, a surprisingly well-preserved ship was lifted to the surface. It was restored and placed in a museum. Worldwide, it is the only surviving ship of the 17th century.



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