A possible collision of asteroids the Spitzer telescope observes

Thanks to the Spitzer Space Telescope obtained a lot of amazing shots. Recently, he again made an amazing photo – a young star rotating around it the dust cloud that appeared, according to scientists, as a result of the collision of asteroids. This type of collisions, as they say, may well be the cause of the formation of planets.

Around located in the constellation of the Sails of the star NGC 2547-ID8 for the first time in the past year had seen a number of fresh dust. This started a constant watch over her, thanks to which astronomers have noticed that the amount of dust has changed. This is possible evidence of repeated collisions of asteroids. The scientists also found that the distance to the star is 1200 light years, and its age — almost thirty-five million years.

The Spitzer Telescope

But despite the very close attention, most significant changes, Spitzer did not notice, as they occurred at the time when the telescope is "turned away" from the heavenly bodies for a whole five months. Then to monitor it prevented closed the review to the Sun.

Data reported by returning to the observations of the star, they are just amazed, its orbit rotates a dense cloud from the remains that were in the area in which the formation of rocky planets.

Surveillance at this very moment, as the team intends to find out, how often around this and other stars, such events occur.

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