Hubble recorded head-on collision of asteroids

Space telescope "Hubble» (Hubble Space Telescope, HST) recorded mysterious fragments of the cross-shaped footprint and dust that suggest a head-on collision between two asteroids.

Object called P / 2010 A2, was found Jan. 6 Observatory Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research at MIT. At first, astronomers have taken, it is an object of the comet the main asteroid belt. However, subsequent images taken by Hubble 25 and 29 January, showed that the nucleus, the size of which is 140 meters in diameter, is beyond coma (a cloud of dust and gas), as well as a set of thread-like structures found in the form of "cross" near the center.

As a result, astronomers have come to the conclusion that it is not a comet, but the result of a collision between two asteroids. A phenomenon that has never been able to see a scientist.


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