Study: simultaneous use of multiple gadgets changes the structure of the brain

The scientific team from the University of Sussex, UK, involved in the study of the human brain came to the conclusion that the simultaneous use of multiple electronic gadgets: computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets; reduce the density of the gray matter of the human brain.

According to scientists, the decrease in density is observed in the anterior cingulate cortex. This region is responsible for cognitive function (cognitive), and emotional control. The results of the study were published in the journal PLoS ONE, as well as the official press release from the University.

With all that scientists did not claim that the thinning of gray matter leads to any complications, in any event, not mandatory. Scientists do not deny that in itself is a dangerous influence, especially in the field of PPK. People who have experienced it for yourself, you can become more diffuse, it can be difficult to focus on one task, they can also be more prone to depression – summarize professionals, making a reservation that while this theory and the fact requires a more thorough study.

It is also noteworthy that multi-tasking was always regarded as a harmful property to human brain. It is proved that the liquefaction of the brain in the ACC lead not only newfangled devices, but also, for example, reading while watching the news on TV or reading large volumes of information from various sources throughout the day. Simply put, this process is not only negative, but also quite a rewarding experience for a person. Some experts believe that this phenomenon is associated with aging of the brain, just multitasking – accelerates this process several times.


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