The first steps of the Orion capsule

NASA completed development of the first space capsule, on which astronauts plan to send beyond earth orbit. The debut flight of a capsule called Orion is scheduled for December. But she made the eleventh of September the first steps: Orion moved for fueling in the building, located near the site of the Assembly, which was held at the space flight Center located in Florida. The duration of this trip will be almost two months.

During its first unmanned flight around the Earth, the capsule would have to make two turns, for which she should reach a height of almost six thousand kilometers. This is almost fifteen times higher distances, which is the ISS. After that, the capsule will have to come back. Its high speed return will be similar to that which the astronauts faced during the period of the Apollo flights.

NASA will use the capsule to send brave men to the planet Mars and maybe the asteroids. The start of the first phone will be manufactured using the SLS that is able to throw the astronaut beyond the earth's orbit. Due to the fact that for test flight system is not yet ready, he will have to use the Delta 4 Heavy rocket.



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