5 unwanted colors for a child's room

Decorating a child's room plants, it should be remembered that not every plant will fit and will be safe for a child.

Determine invalid for nursery plants is possible by following these guidelines:

  • they are poisonous
  • they have sharp thorns or spines
  • they have a small, crumbling the fruit or the leaves
  • it is a plant with a strong, obvious flavor
1. Pelargonium and the geranium Is a wonderful fragrant plant, but from personal experience I know that it can cause severe respiratory allergies. It would be unfair to say that this sentence. Varieties of this flower are so numerous that you can try to find bad plant.

2. CactiCacti traumatic. The child can reach the cactus to get hurt. If you really want, you need to choose to plant such a place that the kid could not reach. Note that many types of light.

3. Succulents (stonecrop) Many species of succulents belong to a poisonous family.

4. Cayenne Jasmine, or stephanotis are Incredibly attractive flower, but hardly the kind of aromatherapy can benefit the newly born baby.

5. Dieffenbachia many sources says that it has a heavy energy for a child's room. I can't speak with confidence about energy, science is never proven. But this plant absorbs a large amount of oxygen, and the size of it is impressive, so in the nursery, where the air has high standards, this plant should not be placed. Additionally, dieffenbachia is toxic juice.

So, the rules of selection of plants for the nursery is extremely simple: avoid the above described poisonous, prickly and odorous plants, choose plants neutral, not dangerous and without a strong aroma.

Source: www.7dach.ru


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