Engineers from Cambridge, built the first hybrid-electric airplane


Hybrid vehicles today are not uncommon on our roads, however, are still about the hybrid aircraft was nothing inaudible. However, recently, researchers from the University of Cambridge, UK, has announced the development of the first hybrid-electric aircraft and even signed a partnership agreement with the Boeing company (Boeing) on the test of its manned aircraft. According to the researchers, the plane spends 30 percent less fuel in the gas equivalent than conventional Airliners of similar size.

Of course, attempts to develop hybrid planes were made earlier. So, last month demonstrated the concept Faradair BEHA, which theoretically could be operated from electric and biodiesel engines. But the design of the new aircraft with ease and efficiency.



The aircraft is designed for one driver and is developed based on commercially available models. The device is equipped with 4-stroke piston engine from Honda and custom-made electric motor / generator. Two power supplies are connected so that any of them can cause the propeller is in motion. During takeoff, the aircraft spends a lot of energy, so it uses both engines. After reaching cruising speed it can go on electric only, saving fuel.

Moreover, the electrical module developed by the engineering Department of Cambridge so that the engine can be included in the "generator" that recharges the lithium-polymer batteries located in compartments of the wings during flight.

The hybrid aircraft has been tested at the Sywell aerodrome, near Northampton, UK. Initial tests consisted of a series of "hops" along the runway. Followed by longer flights at an altitude of over 457 meters. The following tests are planned jointly with Boeing, will be used to optimize performance and fuel economy.

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