How to avoid awkward situations: the 18 rules of etiquette for every day

Etiquette should not be considered a relic of the past and disown as third iPhone. Some rules simplify life and allow you to avoid awkward situations.


A familiar feeling of confusion when you don't know what to do and how to behave? Arm yourself with our selection of rules of etiquette for every day and feel good about yourself.

A man carries a women bag. And ladies ' coats — only on the way to the locker room.

The guests do not go without a call. To punish intruders, you can do like a British lady. The story says that the lady with the appearance of the intruders she always wore shoes, a hat and takes the umbrella. If the person she was pleasant, she voskliknul: "Oh, how fortunate I just came!". If unpleasant, "Oh, what a pity, I must leave."

If Your companion greeted with an unfamiliar person, then You should be the person to greet.

Men can eat sushi with your hands and chopsticks. And women — only sticks.

The man on the street should go to the left of the ladies. On the right you can go only military that must be ready to give honor.

Keep the phone chatter when it makes it easy to make a meeting, it is considered disrespectful to the other party.

The first to their seats in the theater, the movie is a man.

In the restaurant the first part of the one who pays. The head waiter is entitled to draw conclusions about who is the initiator of joining the institution and who will pay. If the company is large, the palm of the one who organized. But if at the entrance visitors are greeted by the doorman, the man is obliged to omit the first woman. After that gallant is looking for free space, if he did not offer.

On appeal, "Hey, you!" can not respond, hinting that person for improper attitude. However, should do without the moralizing.

The first greets one who enters the room, whether student or Director.

The woman in the room takes off his hat and gloves. But takes off his hat and mittens.

Man has no right to touch a woman without her consent. Take the hand above the elbow only, assisting on the street (public transport, transition).

In the presence of women a man smokes only with her consent.

If You say, "I invite you", it means you pay. The phrase "let's go to the restaurant" indicates that everyone pays for themselves. Only if the man himself offers to pay the woman, she may agree.

It is considered offensive to laugh out loud, loud to chat, to scrutinize people.

If after the apology You are forgiven, then the matter continue to go much incorrect. Better just not to repeat such mistakes.

Always try to keep the secrecy of correspondence. Parents should refrain from reading letters from children, spouses and friends — from reading personal messages to each other.

The good practice recommends to keep 9 things: age, wealth gap in the house, prayer, medicine, a love affair, gift, honor and dishonor. published



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