Canadian magnetic hill — a miracle of nature or an optical illusion

In the canadian province of new Brunswick there is a hill where there is a very extraordinary things. If you Park your car at the bottom of it and put in neutral, the car starts to roll (without anyone's help) back in the slide, that is on the rise. However, this surprising fact is not evidence of phenomena that we can think of many people.

Many people see this phenomenon as evidence of the impact of extremely powerful magnetic fields in the area, forcing cars to move back the hill with a speed above 30 kilometers per hour. However, magnetism the phenomenon has nothing to do. How, then, the car is moving, you ask?

Magnetic Hill (Cars Rolling Uphill) Magnetic Hill is a place where your car rolls uphill when left in neutral. We put the theory to the test. If you would like to check this hill out for yourself, Magnetic Hill is located in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada. We also have a video showing this working from inside the car. This video is part of our collection "Roadtrip Across Canada".

The thing is — you won't believe until you see video and picture below — an optical illusion. For clarity, watch the video, created by Kokichi Sugihara of Meiji University, which shows the same principle of operation of this amazing "phenomenon".

Of course, it is difficult not to wonder at the sight, as the wooden balls climb up the slope of the shown structure. Enhances the effect of the recognition of the fact that it does not use any magnets. So how do balls roll up? And roll up they an optical illusion that tricks your brain. And it becomes quite obvious shortly after an impromptu design looking turn to the other side.

Worlds best Illusion — Kokichi SugiharaThis is worlds best Illusion by Kokichi Sugihara Comment what you think, rate and subscribe aswell!

Of course, nobody can "turn" canadian "Magnetic hill", as it is called here, to get an idea of different perspective, however, the design in the video above gives a clearer picture about what is really going on with the hill and the human brain at this point.

The people telling about their cars "roll up hill, not lying and not mistaken. Just the fact that they do not see at this point, the rotation of the wheels of their cars. As a result, an optical illusion makes them think that the car is heading up, although she actually is heading down.published:



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