In Finland, started industrial production of biofuel

The world's first producer of biofuel based on wood – Finnish company UPM, which owns the plant in Lappeenranta, began commercial production of liquid biofuels under the name of "biodiesel" in early 2015.

Investments in the plant amounted to 175 million euros. Production technology the innovative product is based on the work of the Finnish company itself. Yanovskiy biozavod is located on the site of a paper mill Kaukas. The annual output of biofuel is 120 million litres, or 100 thousand tons of renewable biodiesel.

Brand new fuel from UPM was called BioVerno. Biodiesel made from tall oil – residue pulp and paper production. Most of the raw materials comes from the factories of the group UPM in Finland.

The use of the new biodiesel reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 80% compared to traditional diesel. Distributor of Finnish biofuel advocates NEOT – North European oil trader.

It should be noted that the construction of a biofuel venture in Lappeenranta started in November 2012, and in early 2015, the factory has become an industrial producer of biodiesel.published


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