Life hacks for lovers of cats

Hammock for those who like to relax witha Piece of fabric and Velcro can be a great hammock, which can be mounted under the chair. Your cat will always be there.

Cat puzzleKittens who love to play, will appeal to the puzzle lunchbox. The secret is that you need to fuse the edges of the holes. So the pet won't damage their delicate paws. See how it's done.

Cat tent

From old t-shirts and two wire hangers, you can build a real tent! It is desirable that the size of the shirt was bigger then your pet is where to turn.

For great food lovers

If your a glutton eats too fast, put him food in a flat bowl. So it would seem that the food he got more and he won't be in a hurry. In order to make it convenient to impose food, put it in a plastic jug.

In the workplaceEvery person who spends home time on the computer knows how cats love to lie on the keyboard. To find a compromise, it is enough to put next to the box. And kitty will be happy and you will be able to work!

For nature lovers and relaxation

Make a small carpet of turf grass to your kitty had a place to rest. He will purr with pleasure!

The perfect scratching post

Glue the flaps of the Mat to the wood and hang it on the wall. Now your furniture is saved, and the cat is where to play claws.

Clean apartment from the fluff

For cleaning hard to reach places cat down, use the nozzle from a bottle of ketchup or mustard. It will help to get rid of garbage even in a computer keyboard.

Train the champion

Cut a square hole in the bookshelf — arrange for needed training tower. Another option is to make ladder shelves from IKEA (or any other) that your Explorer was able to conquer new heights.

Secret area

Remove the glass panel from the Cabinet door and hang there for a little curtain to hide the litter box.

For fans of scratch toAllow your cat to scratch itself, then when he want to. All you need is some toilet brushes. Here are instructions for those who want to do the same.

Indoor toiletAdvanced model of kitty litter can be easily made from an ordinary container, cut a hole (make sure edges are smooth). This guarantees privacy in the most intimate moments.

Do favorite toy

Box with cylinders from toilet paper rolls can be a great toy especially for curious explorers.

Saving toilet paper

To protect the paper from playful kitty will help the case, which you can make out of the ordinary container for food.


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