The fun part of theoretical physics: What happens if you fly through the Ground?

The fun part of theoretical physics (and according to some, the best part of it) is that you can ask a stupid question and calculate the answer (sometimes stupid too). For example, what happens if you drill a hole through the center of the Earth and jump through it? "How could someone possibly be that stupid?" — you will ask. No one, apparently. Such an action will kill you is highly sophisticated and will break down a million times. But! Let's assume that some brave soul decided to do this for the sake of science? What can happen theoretically?

First, let's state the obvious: you can't drill a hole through the center of the Earth. To say that we don't have the technical capabilities to implement this significant action, will be very, very big exaggeration. But of course we can drill holes in the Ground in principle. How deep we go?

To date, the deepest hole on the planet is the Kola superdeep borehole. Its drilling began in 1970 and ended about 20 years later, when the drillers reached a depth of 12 262 meters. It is approximately 12 kilometers. But it's not even a close call compared to the diameter of the Earth. Why have we stopped? The closer to the center of the Earth heats up. This is because the core of the Earth consists of molten metal and heated to 5,400 degrees Celsius. And already at a depth of 12 kilometers drillers are faced with a temperature of 170 degrees Celsius.

I think you know that at this temperature you will not live long.

But if you manage somehow to dive even deeper, at a depth of 48 kilometers, you will find magma. At this point, you will be incinerated.

And even assuming you managed to overcome this awkward inconvenience, if you have developed some kind of tube that allows you to safely pass through the burning magma, you'll kill the air itself. More precisely, the pressure of the air. Just as you feel the pressure, plunging deep into the water, you feel the pressure when their is a lot of air (so the thick atmosphere of Venus flatten you into a pancake). On our own planet you need to dive to a depth of 50 kilometers, before the pressure in the pipe will be as high as at the bottom of the ocean.

Therefore, if your goal is not destruction, it is not necessary to dwell at these depths.

But even if you managed to make a pipe that allowed you to penetrate the magma to solve the issues with air and the suit eased your burden, challenges remain. For example, the rotation of the planet. Halfway to the center of the Earth you will move to the side by approximately 2400 kilometers per hour faster than the walls of your tubes. It's not very good for your health. You can hit the pipe wall, well, to die, it turns out.

Well, if this question we also decided (and a few others, which did not even mention), if you were able to jump through the Ground, your momentum will allow you to move and on the other side of the core. How long will it last?

This is the answer to all questions, as we know. 42 minutes.
But the fun doesn't end there. Because of the powerful of Earth's gravity and your momentum, once you are on the other side, you will again begin to fall to the Ground. And riding all the way from the beginning. You will fluctuate up and down sine wave, as such a yo-yo.

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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