Scientists have created the world's first selectby transistor

For the first time, scientists used for the creation of a silicene transistor. Perhaps this achievement will be the first step on the path to computer chips, which will work thousands of times faster than anything we have now, the news of science and technology.

The silicene, nicknamed the "cousin of graphene", is similar to graphene, only instead of carbon SOT his cell from the silicon atoms. The silicene has been touted as a super-material, and for several years scientists have tried to come up with a way of designing transistors made out of silicene. For the first time to find the right approach managed computer engineer Deji Akinwande from the University of Texas and his team. The innovative method described in the journal Nature Nanotechnology.

Scientists knew about the possibility of the existence of Silicea for two decades, but to create it, materials scientists could only in 2010. It was an exciting discovery, because silicene has amazing electrical properties that could revolutionize computing technology. published

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