Back to the future! Electric DeLorean!

DMC-12 needs no introduction. His role in the blockbuster Back to the future (Back to the Future ) made this little coupe with "gull wings" is one of uznavaemye in the world, despite its short time of release. Now the DeLorean Motor Company of Texas — which she gained all the property and rights of the original DMC в1997г. — I hope to revive the DMC-12 in the 21st century.

Thanks to the new Director-General DeLorean — Stefano Vine (Stephen Wynne), fans of luxury cars can now purchase it completely new, and even dialekticheskij traction.
Batteries supplied by California company Flux Power and have dostatochnymi to allow the DMC-EV to travel up to 160 km with one battery charge. Have electricalal machine is about 90 kg heavier, but thanks to the replacement of many deflators on carbon, the car lost more than 100 lbs.
The original DMC-12 at the time, did not differ special productivity. It 130сильный V6 is not particularly impressive, considering the rather exotic appearance. Novyie the motor is rated at 260 HP, the Increase of capacity and oblegcheniya gives the opportunity for the DMC-EV speeds from 0 to 100 km in 5 seconds, down до130 km/h, although it is not known how long the car can move with such speed.

Although much of the external design remained the original, internal priceclonidine changes. The interior is now equipped with a GPS Navigator, iPod docking station, followed by 3 metal buttons for opening doors(Loew, right, both). The big round switch is responsible for driving modes(Parking, traffic, back). Updated the wheel gained the logo, and the interior was Belenergomash steel and finely finished leather. The interior is now masterstudiengang classics.

So far, the car is still in the stage of prototype, but as soon as DeLorianуспешно make the necessary changes and conduct the optimization of the system, DMC-EVвыйдет on the market (tentatively in 2013) at a price of approximately $ 100 thousand Oh not uspenkoe. Of course all the fans of 1985 have pretty fork, but at least wherever they go, they do not need fuel.published by P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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