The secret of growing asters

How to care for asters, so that they have a compact form, long bloom and not hurt?

Aster seeds are best sown before winter in the open ground in late autumn. Can be sown in spring. For this fall allocate a place for the seedling bed. It makes a height of at least 20 cm below the spring the land is warmed faster. Pre-add ripe compost, scatter "Kemiru" and dug up. In early April, if the snow had not yet descended, sprinkle ridge wood ashes, and in two weeks it is ready for sowing. Hoe loosen the surface, align and make the edges of the bumpers, so when watering avoid dripping.

Seeds are a must! treat against fungal diseases antifungal any means. And spend the hardening variable low temperatures.

Seeds for sowing in winter, keep them on the refrigerator door. A week before planting, remove to warmed up. Etch in a strong solution of potassium permanganate and soak in the "Epinay", then rinse and let dry on the newspaper. Sow on the following day, prepared seeds for a long time can not be stored.

Asters prefer to grow on loamy soils. Fresh humus in the soil asters can not tolerate and often affected by fungal diseases.

The abundance and duration of flowering are obtained by fertilizing, which are held regularly. Do the first feeding as soon as plants go in active growth. Then spend two feeding in June, then in July.

Asters do not grow in dry soil, so watering must be regular. Watering depends on the plant development. When a sufficient amount of moisture, the bushes have a long blooming.

Don't forget about the loosening of the soil, here is the rule: watering today or tomorrow loosening.

To the bushes asters looked nice and had a compact shape, make sure you take topping stems.



How to identify this disease? The first sign is a wilting of flowers and leaves. It is not necessary to handle cases of copy! It urgently need to remove from the flower garden and burn it. And healthy plants treated with fungicide.

The Septoria leaf spot

The Septoria leaf spot appears as brown spots on the leaves, the leaves begin to turn yellow. Plants is recommended at the first sign of processing copper-containing drugs.

Black leg

Darkening and thickening of the base of the stem is a sign of the disease blackleg. Most often this disease hurts seedlings ASTA, therefore, recommended to sow asters for the winter. Under greenhouse conditions asters often sick. This happens usually in violation of agrotechnology of cultivation. For the prevention process of landing a weak solution of potassium permanganate, ash and conduct timely tilling the soil. You can use drugs such as "Fundazol" and "Zineb".

How long to keep cut asters in a vase?

Add water — one teaspoon of sugar, a bowl of water (two liters). Tear off the bottom leaves. The faded flower stalks are cut. published


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