How to turn a window into a solar panel

According to Victor Klimov, head of the research group at the Los Alamos laboratory, in these devices a part of the light passing through the window, ubiraetsya nanoparticles (semiconductor quantum dots), distributed on the glass, already emitted at infrared wavelengths invisible to the human eye and is sent to a solar cell located on the edge of the window.

This is not the first project to transform Windows into solar panels but the solar cells themselves were very young, and also had losses in the transparency of the material. In new development the transparency is the same as in an ordinary window, also significantly reduced energy loss during resorption, which was characteristic for previous projects. The energy conversion efficiency of the solar Windows of 3.2% (for comparison, the efficiency of the best solar panels varies from 12% to 18%).

New devices use quantum dots made of composite materials, consisting of copper, indium, selenium and sulfur. The developers managed to get rid of cadmium and other toxic metals that are typically used in such systems. As new quantum dots absorb light across the spectrum, the window does not distort color.

However, the developers recognize that the solar window on sale until, as now, the group is working to reduce the cost of new technology. published

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