How do you solve the problem, the signs of the zodiac

It turns out that the approach to solving problems depends to some extent on the sign of the Zodiac. So, for example, if the same problem arose in Aries and Gemini, each decides its own way.


If problems happened in Aries, he'll solve it. Any problem will solve. Immediately. On their own, proudly and silently! How do you solve the problem, the Signs of the Zodiac


Of course, Taurus solve the problem, then tell everyone how and in what ways he will solve it. To err — write to the newspaper to certainly found out.


Gemini will certainly share my problems! First they will try to hang them on the RAM, but if he does not agree, will return to Sagittarius. He will not be denied!


If Cancer was a problem, he starts to cry and he finally stopped, someone will have to take the blame. If no Cancer it will not help, he'll take care of it myself. Why moan — is unclear.


Leo to arrange a presentation of the solution to your problem and call all their friends and acquaintances. In front of the audience he, like a real predator will cut in one fell swoop with the problem. Then worship will take the flowers and applause will be removed back home.


Virgin very upset, after all this problem she had not planned! She'll think you will find the solution. Decide for yourself and draw conclusions.


The scales begin to weigh the problem. Then weigh again, take a good think and come to the conclusion that too much has fallen to their share. And, of course, Libra take part (and most) of their problems on someone brave like Leo or Aries. If you try to weigh the virgin. — the virgin of the problems on schedule.


Scorpio will look at the issue and say: "same problem to me!", and... forget.


Sagittarius upset. Then it will be a long laugh, remembering what the problems in his life just does not arise! Decide that all this is sheer nonsense and forget. If the problem itself is not resolved, the sleeves rolled up, grinding their teeth, are taken to solve it.


Capricorn asparaginase and remember all the swear words. Will not tell anyone what his problems and continues to smile as if nothing had happened. When no one is watching — it will solve the issue, again creating the appearance that everything is just fine.


Aquarius will begin to study the problem, and joyfully, with enthusiasm. Maybe even write a book! If this problem had already been — get bored and start looking for the Twins. So they have always something new happens!


Pisces and Cancer make disorders universal problem and will cherish her as the Apple of his eye. No, God forbid someone will offer assistance! Hands off the fish problems! When they are plenty of it partake and suffered, then please, welcome and help. published

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