Renewable energy sources by 2050 will be able to cover 100% of energy needs of the planet

Experts Greenpeace has estimated that by 2050, humanity could completely switch to renewable sources of energy.

The necessary investment more than would be covered in the future by saving the costs of traditional fuel. The average amount of such additional investment up to 2050 is around $ 1 trillion. a year. Since renewables do not require fuel, the savings in the same period will amount to 1.07 trillion.a year.

A new report from Greenpeace says that within 15 years, the global share of renewable energy in power generation (including large HPPs) will be tripled — from 21% to 64 %.

Greenpeace also point out that only in a particular solar energy industry may create more jobs than it provides today, the entire coal industry. The production of photovoltaic systems can take almost 10 million people by 2030. In the wind industry the number of jobs could grow during the same period to 8 million published

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