Top 5 eco-friendly products to reduce environmental impact

Every day we consume energy, water, and a huge number of different substances that have a harmful effect on the environment. As you look to reduce this effect, opting for some eco-friendly products? Present to you the top most useful products for a more environmentally friendly lifestyle. We have identified these 5 funds as the impact of them considerably.

5. The fruit of a Himalayan tree, used as washing powder

Did you know that some substances contained in most detergents, which eventually inevitably fall into the ocean, are toxic for living beings? Furthermore, some compounds used for bleaching can irritate the nose, eyes, lungs and skin and can negatively affect their reproductive system.

Protection Agency United States environmental warns that some of the paints used in these detergents are lethal to fish and may contribute to the development of cancer. After reviewing alternatives, some companies have developed environmentally friendly cleaning products. One of them is soap for clothes soap from wood. According to the manufacturers, it contains only "natural ingredients" and is made from the fruit of certain species of trees in the Himalayas which have a purifying effect, similar to soap.

4. Cleanser with extract of birch bark

Toxic substances in the environment and as a result of using some cleaning products for house cleaning. Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day All Purpose is another natural cleanser derived from natural ingredients, including extract of birch bark. This substance is known for its properties of dissolving fats, making it appropriate for cleaning kitchen counter tops, floors and even Windows.

3. The system of collecting and filtering rain water

Besides the fact that we can reduce the destructive impact on nature by choosing some less harmful means and products, we can also do this by saving resources. Water is one of the most important among them. Currently, one third of the population does not have access to drinking water sources. Researchers predict that by 2050 this number will rise to two thirds of the population. System Fiskars 58 Gallon Salsa Rain Barrel collects and filters rain water so that it could be used for watering plants or for other household points. It installs easily by connecting to the drainage system of the house or porch.

2. Toothbrushes that do not contain plastic

Everywhere we hear that we need to close the tap while you brush your teeth because that way you can save up to 30 litres of water per day. But have you ever thought ever about the impact of the toothbrushes that we use? Most of them made of plastic or similar materials, harmful for the environment and for human health. So many companies produce toothbrushes with a handle of bamboo material is eco-friendly and are no less durable than normal brushes. Themselves brush, in turn, made of soft material, which does not contain nylon. As brush and its packaging are recyclable.

1. Device for collecting compost – a solution to the issue of food waste

Waste from the food industries are one of the most serious problems of mankind. We throw it in the trash about 30% of what we produce, while 800 million people suffer from hunger (it's like the population of Europe and USA together).

And while ideally it would not create this problem, however, food processing is still better than just throwing them in a landfill, where its decomposition will be long and hazardous. The use of the system for composting food products is the most suitable option of disposal. The device for a few weeks turns leftover food into natural fertilizer rich in nutrients. published

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