12 great ideas for playing together, parents and children

This cooperative game will help to develop the child's endurance and perseverance. And what could be better than games with the whole family?


1. Sun. Draw on paper a large yellow circle. Then one by one (single touch makes the child — mum or dad etc) to add to the sun as much as possible of beams (from 3 years).

2. Snake. Draw a big snake. Now you need to paint snake skin, in turn causing colored markers pattern of stars, dots, wavy and zigzag lines, etc. (from 4 years).

3. Meadow with flowers. A little to wet watercolor paint. Wet paint fingers (each finger — paint his) and on a sheet of paper, putting fingerprints "paint" grass, flowers, etc. flower Petals pririsovyvat marker around the prints (from 4 years).

4. Railway. Paint marker train. Then "plant" in each car: a beast — one, for example, the elephant, another duck, etc. the Parents and child drawing, alternately or together (from 5 years).

5. Search. To consider together a picture book. With the first image the game starts: "I see something is red! What is it?" When something is found, switch roles (from 3 years).

6. To invent history. A story that is told in the picture book, changes to the pictures together invented a new event (from 5 years).

7. Sculpt hedgehog. In a Park or forest to gather up a short thin sticks. To make clay chunky sausage and poke her with sticks collected by: will the hedgehog (3 years).

8. The pattern was a surprise. A large piece of paper cut square. Folded triangle. Now on the fold to cut patterns like wedges and foils. The paper is folded again and again, each time adding new patterns. In the end to deploy the sheet of paper (from 4 years).

9. A counterfeiter. To put under the paper coins. Paint pencil — coins "manifest". Then cut out paper coins and glue the appropriate parties (from 5 years).

10. Sort cards. Deck of playing cards to decompose by suit or value (from 3 years).

11. Chain reaction. Dominoes set on short edge one after the other. To touch the last in the series — all the dominoes fall. Or to build them a high tower (from 4 years).

12. Memory training. On the tray are stacked six various small objects, e.g. toy car, candy, pencil, pencil sharpener, comb, spoon... for a short time, the child learns that lying, then a tray with something covered. What's under the sheet? Then switch roles (from 4 years). published


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