Echoes of War

Tonight I understand that Friday and entertainment site, but the material is interesting and informative, as they say, "to remember».

Shovel caught on the helmet. It was this Russian helmet SS was dropped in 1941 on the bottom of the trench. A helmet is often in the skull of the deceased. Sometimes the helmet is the only hope: no metal object discovered the remains unlikely unless stumble upon them accidentally. No metal - metal detector does not ring, the fighter remains unfound and nepogrebёnnym ...

Those same bottle. Left broken - glass jar Red Army

Here was the cutting edge, has repeatedly passed from hand to hand

Extremely dangerous thing: zadenesh shovel - flammable. Gets on your clothes - it is necessary to immediately undress. Skin - to pray. Put out does not work, yet itself does not burn out

Then the enemy was not allowed ...


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