Beauty is always simple. 5 good tips to women from pragmatics and mathematics.

I love to watch different types of discussions in various public spheres. Here is my editor mysteriously writes to me that stripped of the journalist Lesya Ryabtseva and Eric ever, and straight bomb blast: some condemn, others approve. Seventy two million five hundred forty eight thousand three hundred twenty eight

Wow, I thought, in 2015, people were shown naked (or half naked) women. Both beautiful, by the way, because the taste and color…
And my wife, as if in defiance of all these intellectuals quirks, tells me how the people in her office terribly upset over Ekaterina Varnava, from which her "young man" is gone ... for another man. Barnabas is a "vamp" from such seemingly do not go away.

Well, a good lesson: take all from all and all, there are no guarantees, try better. Useful knowledge, lovely ladies, in our difficult times.

Meanwhile, between these two lights ordinary women lurking and reading, not looking up and multiplying the articles, posts, tips on how to survive in the winter. You are rude quilted jackets do not understand, but all the terrible things happening in winter with the ladies.

Hair, nails, skin, black eyes, few extra pounds, cold and winter women very hard, and they try not to fall out of the fragile state "and I still like myself".
And fall, of course.

The battle is "beauty", which offers everything from masks to injection (this is sad and full of self-deception are generally way fast enough) to stay in the cage. Companies preparing for bad terms, you need something to sell urgently, so today is obscenely aggressive. It seems, in buying hand cream, you can die from cirrhosis of the liver.

I have nothing to sell, so my advice is good and free.So, five autumn rules about beauty, this won't tell you in the glossy.

First, stop thinking about that at age 40 you can look 30 It is a consumer myth, created specifically to lure of naive fools more money. Yes, 20 you can look at all 40, it all depends on lifestyle, but it's not working.

Live your 40 and stop playing student. We have seen and remember the students, they even breathe differently, to play it.

A lie (even a lie to myself) in any case, it looks pathetic. Secondly, stop thinking that you can be healthy in the city You will always lack of vitamins, sunlight and air. If you are going to move into the forest, deal with it and be sure to keep in mind. You should not talk about health, you should not listen to tips on how the cream from the gills of the Stingray will make you healthier. While you went for the cream you inhaled so much that even the SKAT will not help.

So relax. Third, replace your Pilates sex, it works Not going to write anything, everything is clear. Sex is better yoga, better charging and better cake. Only the differential equations better than sex, but it is more difficult, so go the easy way. Fourth, relax your facial muscles Lean your face look disgusting, even if they are smeared by all the rules. Smile. If a magazine has taught you to "be mysterious", "difficult", "mysterious", throw it out: one hundred years nobody cares "complex", we ourselves is very difficult, and your antics are already a bit tired, really. And finally, fifth, on the savings from spending on crap money, buy diapers in hospice Food for the homeless, television for long-forgotten grandmother or mother dress.

Try this cold autumn at least someone is genuinely happy. Yes, without a second thought. Just do a good deed: come volunteer at an orphanage and teach local girls how to weave macrame or making Apple pie.

When they all smile at you in return, you will be the most beautiful woman on earth. Until the spring enough. published 

Author: Dmitry Odintsov, mathematician

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! © Join us at Facebook , Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki



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