Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser "Varyag"

Founded under the name of "Riga" after 20 minutes. after launching the brain TAVKR. 19.06.1990 renamed the "Varyag". In 1992, when the heavy aircraft was in the stage of completion afloat with a degree of technical readiness of 70%, construction was halted. In 1993, under the agreement between Russia and Ukraine "Varyag" departed Ukraine. Excluded from the Navy list 30/06/1993 and transferred to the ownership of CSY. Ukraine sold for scrap company of Macau, led away in tow from Nikolaev 14/06/2000. Nearly 1, 5 years stood at the entrance of the Bosphorus because of Turkey's refusal to miss the ship through the Black Sea straits. Conducted through the Bosporus only 11.2001, then was almost thrown in the Aegean Sea due to breaking tugs during a storm.


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