The heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov"

Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser Project 1143.5 "Admiral Kuznetsov»

Heavy aircraft carrying cruiser Project 1143.5 "Admiral Kuznetsov" was built on the Black Sea Shipyard in Nikolaev. The project is based on preceding aircraft carrier "Admiral Gorshkov" (Project 1143.4, formerly "Baku"), which was founded in 1982, but surpasses it in tonnage (58,500 tonnes compared to 40,000 tonnes) and has a slightly lower speed (30 nodes compared with 32 at the "Admiral Gorshkov"). The aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" (Project 1143.5) was founded in 1985, and the second ship of the same type of "Varyag" - in 1988, but its construction was never completed.

Project 1143.5 can support submarines carrying ballistic missiles, surface ships and maritime missile-carrying aircraft of the Russian fleet. The ship can affect surface, underwater and air targets. Flight deck area is 14,700 square meters and is equipped with a flight deck angled 12 degrees runway. The flight deck is equipped with arresting gear. Two lifts deliver airplanes out of the hangar to the flight deck. The ship has a capacity to capacity and maintenance of 16 Yak-41M (known under the code name of NATO's "Freestyle") and 12 Su-27K (Su-33) (codenamed NATO "Flanker") included in the large air planes and compound helicopters including 4 Ka-27LD (NATO code name "Helix"), 18 Ka-27PLO and 2 Ka-27C.

The ship is equipped with anti-ship missiles Granite (surface to surface), it is equipped with 12 launchers. In the west missiles Granite codenamed «Shipwreck» and have a range of over 400 kilometers. Antiaircraft missile and artillery weapons include anti-aircraft missiles Blade with 24 vertical launchers and 192 missiles. This system protects the ship against anti-ship missiles, aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and surface vessels. By means of multi-channel phased-array radar with electronic control. The system includes a control system, deck launchers with four launchers drum modules, each of which has 8 missiles and rockets "surface-to-air" in the container launcher. The system can run as high frequency 1 missile every 3 seconds. Four goals may be simultaneously attacked by sector 60 x 60 degrees. The range of lesions is 12-15 kilometers. Chestnut defense systems, manufactured by the Tula Engineering Plant has 4 command and combat 8 ​​units with 256 anti-aircraft missiles. The system provides protection from the "exact" weapons, including anti-ship and anti-radar missiles, planes, helicopters and small-size sea targets. The range of the missile 1, 5 - 8 kilometers. The guns can be fired with a rate of up to 1000 rounds per minute at a distance of 0, 5 - 1, 5 kilometers. Anti-aircraft guns - AK630 AD. The ship is equipped with anti-submarine defense Boa-1 with 60 anti-submarine missiles. Boa-1, supplied by the Scientific and Production Association "Alloy", protects surface ships by diverting and destroying enemy torpedoes. The system also provides protection against submarines, midget submarines and subversive means, such as underwater motorcycle. The system has 10 sections and is able to fire rockets deep 111SG, put minefields (111SZ) and use distractions shells (111SO). Range is up to 3000 meters horizontally and up to 600 meters in depth.

Radar ship include radar detection of air and sea targets, radar detection of low-flying targets (detect low-flying aircraft and missiles), flight control radar, navigation radar, and four fire control radar for air defense systems Chestnut. Ship sonar equipment includes located in the ship's hull sonar detection and weapons control, acting on the middle and low frequencies, capable of detecting torpedoes and submarines. ASW aircraft equipped with radar search of the ship surface targets, submerged sonar, submerged buoys and magnetic anomaly detectors. The ship's electronic systems include the Combat Information Center and the combat system aviasoprovozhdeniya. The ship has a navigation system and communications equipment, including satellite communications.

The ship is equipped with 8 boilers and 4 steam turbines, each with a capacity of 50,000 hp, the rotating shaft 4 fixed propeller diameter. 3857 space ship include 387 cabins, 134 crew accommodation with 50 showers, 6 tablespoons, 120 warehouses and 6,000 meters of corridors and passages.

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