Mankind is able to abandon fossil fuels over a period of ten years

Benjamin Soukou [Sovacool, Benjamin], the Director of one of the largest research centers in the UK, in Sussex University, in its analytical work describes the possibility of abandoning fossil fuels over the ten year period. In his opinion, when people from different countries, a new energy revolution could happen much faster than those that happened in the past.

According to some experts, which refers to Sopacua, if the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will not be reduced until 2017, global warming will become an irreversible process. In his work he analyzes the way the previous engineering and technological revolutions.

The transition from wood to coal in Europe took from 96 to 160 years, and the development of electricity – already faster over the period from 47 to 69 years. The current level of technology development in combination with resource depletion and the threat of drastic climate change can affect a significant acceleration energy of progress.

For example, in the canadian province of Ontario refused to coal for 11 years, from 2003 to 2014. The program of energy development in Indonesia has assisted with the translation of two thirds of the homes in the country with kerosene tiles on liquefied natural gas. The program of development of nuclear energy, which in 1970 was responsible only for 4% of the capacity, to the 1982 nuclear energy raised to the level of 40% of the total generating capacity of the country.

The process of transition to new energy technologies (vertical — the progress in percent of transfer)

According to Sivakou, such quick and decisive paradigm change in energy use is possible, but only with the active support of the government. He indicates in his work that the public perception of the transition between the different energy models, how about the long processes of the decade, not always supported by evidence

The study of the processes of the shift of paradigms in the past shows that the duration of the change in energy, measured in decades, due to the blowing process to chance – and in a controlled manner it is possible to reduce this period. published


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