So why do we need these rivets on the jeans! And we are not even aware...

Jeans are an integral part of the modern world. Comfortable and stylish pants for all occasions! We wear them every day, but for some reason do not think about why we need these rivets...

The history of jeans already started 140 years ago in 1872. At that time, cowboys, prospectors, miners, and just working people needed a heavy-duty clothing that is not torn. And once, when American inventor Jacob Davis was fixing his clothes, he came up with the idea to use copper rivets.

Davis decided to patent his invention, but to apply, he needed the money. Then he went to the businessman Levi Strauss. The same levy, who has organized the increasingly popular sewing of trousers of coarse canvas — jeans.

So, in 1873, they received a joint patent on using metal rivets in clothes. A successful move! Levi Strauss began to use the invention in the creation of jeans, the pants became so strong that they are almost impossible to break. It brought his company even more popular.

In our time, such Superfortress jeans is no longer needed, but as an essential attribute of the rivets remained on the pockets and seams. And, we think, is a very successful publicity stunt! published


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