The mysteries of our brain: 15 interesting facts

1. The more educated a person is, the less likely you are to diseases of the brain. Intellectual activity causes the production of additional tissue, compensating ailing.


2. The most rapid brain development occurs from age 2 to 11 years.


3. Brain size does not affect intellectual abilities. However, according to the researchers, the mind depends on the synapses contacts between neurons. The number of synapses increases during childhood and the youth period of human life and affects intelligence.

4. Exercise helps keep the brain in shape. Regular athletics increase the number of capillaries in the brain, which allows us to deliver more oxygen and glucose. Former athletes lose their mental health much less often than others. For the effectiveness of sports should last at least 30 minutes a few times a week.


5. Activity unknown activity is the best way to brain development. Communication with those who are superior to you in intelligence, is also a potent tool of brain development.


6. Mental work does not tire the brain. Discovered that the blood flowing through the brain remain the same for his active work, no matter how much she continued. The blood taken from the veins of the man who worked the whole day, contains a certain percentage of "fatigue toxins". Psychiatrists found that the feeling of fatigue of the brain is caused by our mental and emotional state.


7. Prayer has a beneficial effect on brain activity. During prayer the perception of information the person is, bypassing the thought processes and analysis, i.e., one goes from reality. In this state (as in meditation) in the brain occur Delta waves, which are usually recorded in infants in the first six months of his life. Perhaps it was this fact affects the way that religious people get sick less and recover faster.


8. For the proper functioning of brain you need to drink plenty of fluids. The brain, like our body, consists of approximately 75% water. Therefore, in order to keep it healthy and in good working condition, you need to drink put Your body plenty of water. Those who are trying to lose weight with pills and tea, kicking out from the body of water, you should be prepared for the fact that simultaneously with the weight loss they will lose and the health of the brain.


9. The brain wakes up longer bodies. Intellectual abilities immediately after waking up is lower than after a sleepless night or in a state of moderate severity of intoxication. Very useful, except for the morning jog and Breakfast, enhancing metabolic processes in Your body do a little exercise the brain. This means that it is not necessary in the morning to turn on the TV, but better a little something to read or a crossword puzzle.

10. The brain easier to understand the speech of men than women. Male and female voices affect different parts of the brain. Female voice – more musical, sound at higher frequencies, frequency range is wider than in male voices. The human brain has to "decode" the meaning of what the woman said, using their complementary resources.


11. The brain consumes more energy than other organs. It is from total body mass is only 2%, but uses about 20% of the energy produced by the body. Energy to maintain normal functioning of the brain and transmitted by neurons to generate nerve impulses.

Every minute the brain is 750 milliliters of blood, accounting for 15-20 percent of all blood flow.

Also it consumes more oxygen than any other organ. This makes it very susceptible to damage related to lack of oxygen. So breathe deeply!


12. Nervous cages are restored. Neurons grow all my life. For many years, scientists believed that neurons and neural tissue cannot grow or regenerate. It turns out that it's not as though the nervous tissue behaves differently than other tissues of the human body – neurons grow all their lives and this fact turned a new page in the exploration of the brain and its diseases.


13. The brain never sleeps. The brain is much more active at night than during the day. This seems counterintuitive, because the day we move, he is busy computing, complex tasks at work that should make him work harder than during sleep. It turns out that the opposite is true. When you "shut down", the brain "turns on." Scientists still don't understand why this is so, but you should thank your brain for something that he is working while you sleep.


14. The number of dreams depends on IQ. Scientists say that the higher your IQ, the more dreams you see. If so, then you should not worry if you cannot remember what you dreamt. Most of us remember bad dreams because they do not last more than 2-3 seconds.


15. Yawning helps the brain to Wake up. Yawning is often associated with lack of sleep and boredom, but in fact it helps the person to Wake up. While yawning expands the windpipe, with the lungs receive more oxygen, which is then moved into the blood, making us more cheerful.published



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