Inventor-enthusiast from the Netherlands has created a "solar" Bicycle

Albert van Dalen, engineer, inventor, enthusiast, vinolyubitel from Maastricht, Netherlands, has developed an unusual bike Maxun One solar panels on Pena and rear panels. The energy of the sun allows you to move on this bike at a speed of 25 km/h.

Bike mounted "small battery" for optimal performance, ensure the supply of electricity "in the absence of sunlight", as well as to create the initial acceleration. The inventor reports that rode the Bicycle since its creation thousands of miles.

The enthusiasm of Albert van Dalen in the promotion of sustainable transport and renewable energy is admirable, but questions remain to design Maxun One in terms of safety for pedestrians and other cyclists. Another controversial aspect of the project — the price of the bike is about 80 000 £ ($ 115 000). published SUBSCRIBE to OUR youtube channel that allows you to watch online, download from YouTube free video about the recovery, the rejuvenation of man. Love for others and ourselves, as the feeling of high vibrations — an important factor for improvement .

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