Toyota Prius named the most economical model

The American edition of Consumer Reports, specializing in tests of consumer goods that buys with their own money, called hybrid, Toyota Prius the new generation of the most economical car of all protestierenden by the journalists. The average fuel consumption of the model during the tests was 4.52 litres on hundred kilometres of run.

During the tests in urban conditions fuel consumption of new "Prius" made up from Consumer Reports of 5.47 liters per hundred kilometers. When moving with a speed of 104 kilometers per hour (65 mph) on country roads the power unit of the hybrid consumed an average of 3.99 liters per hundred kilometers is better than any car with a diesel engine who visited the test edition.

According to Consumer Reports, the average fuel consumption for the Toyota Prius, the previous generation is 5.35 liters per hundred kilometers. The previous absolute record of 4.61 liters per hundred kilometers was in 2000 installed model Honda Insight.

The company Toyota has presented new generation Prius in September 2015. In the structure of the power plant model included a 1.8-liter petrol engine, an outstanding 97 horsepower and electric motor with a power 73 power. Hybrid, which appeared wheel-drive version, built on a new modular platform of Toyota, called the Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). published


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