Modern relationships: the choice generation, comparison and measurement in likes

Relationship is a great work, but why bother? We always imposed the idea that "in a sea of so many fish and it will be enough for everyone". Indeed, today everywhere: in phones, tablets, apps for Dating you can find or choose a mate.

You can even order a person as well as a brand new iPad in the online store: home delivery. The proximity of the today is sent to each other emoticons, and SMS "good morning" is equated almost to feat. What do you think about this?

We acknowledge the fact that romance is dead, but in our eyes of regret — just reflection of the monitor... what if I just invent it again? Maybe romance in our time is put aside the phone during dinner and the look in the eye?


Why, when we already chose a partner, our view is still looking for more options around? Because we have a choice! And this choice is killing us. We believe that the more of a chance for the relationship we have, the better. But in fact, it makes it somehow dull, muted, and we can't feel satisfied.

By and large we don't even understand what satisfaction is, how it looks, sounds, feels. One leg we are always somewhere else, because there, behind the door even more options. More, more, more...

Problems of modern relationships

In fact, we see the world as limitless, as he is not seen no generation before us! We have the ability to open a new tab in your browser and accidentally stumble upon pictures of Argentina or to get a credit card from her purse and immediately book a plane ticket.

We don't do that, but I can. However, instead of living "to the fullest", we tease ourselves — open Instagram, look at the lives of others, that we could have, but have not. Looking for places that we've never been or people with whom we've never met.

We "bombard" yourself with external stimuli and wonder why we are constantly gnawing sense of emptiness and dissatisfaction. Why everywhere there is some kind of hopelessness? We have no idea about what is our life, but we can clearly see what it is not!

Why, finally finding a person ready to live life, we with lightning speed start to put our love on display? Tell people about it, change the status in social networks, throw your pictures in Instagram? Our relationship simply must be perfect!

Why nobody shares his quarrels until 3am or photos reddened and tearful eyes? Why are we not writing in a Twitter post 140 characters about what just 15 minutes ago we had a conversation that casts doubt on the future of our relationship?

So nobody's sharing, right? Our relationship should be a model, an ideal and a reason for pride and envy! And then we see other "happy" couples. And compare ourselves with them...

Our generation is a generation of choice, comparison and measurement of the huskies. Good. Good enough. Best. Never before has mankind had such a cornucopia of markers in order to indicate how to look like life under the name of "best possible".

We press Enter, Enter, Enter — and soon find themselves in despair. Because of what we are trying to measure, hell does not exist! This is no life. As there is no such relationship. But we can't believe it. After all, we've seen it with my own eyes, in your feed Facebook. And we want it. We will suffer until you get. We're breaking up...

As it turned out, we ourselves are not good enough, and our relationship and life up to an imaginary ideal. Then "help" again come the pages with the profiles again order someone, like a pizza, with delivery direct to your door. And it all starts again.

The message "good morning". Joint self. Radiant, happy couple. Compare. Compare. Compare. Then inevitably and imperceptibly creeps a new wave of dissatisfaction, which results in tantrums, scandals, and night of the quarrel. "Something's wrong." "It doesn't work". "I need something more." Again disagree. Another lost love...

And the next time will be the same. Another quick success. Another attempt to fit life into 140 characters, frozen filtered images, four going to the movies. We are so worried about creating a shiny, happy life. But what is ideal and who invented it... the Answer nobody knows...

In fact, we all want to chat on the phone. To see the face of a loved one is in person and not through the monitor. Touch the velvety skin, not a cold screen... Want everything to be gradual, that our life is not exhausted huskies, cherami, subscribers, comments and votes.


Inner abundance leads to external

Hurry do not delay ...

I want deep connection, loyalty and sincerity of feelings. We want love and to be loved, which will build, not destroy. So at the end of our days we would be sure that he lived a life full of meaning. That's what we want. Even if you don't know yet.published


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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