Microvena mill for hikers and cyclists

The company Electrothirst, presented on Kickstarter the project is simple and very useful device the Drill Turbine. Miniature plastic wind turbine collects the slightest breath of air, thereby generating electricity for anything that can be charged from USB.

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The collected energy is stored in lithium-ion battery capacity of 10000 mAh. For charging gadgets, the device provides two USB outputs. But the main in our opinion, the advantage of the Drill Turbine is able to mount the device on the handlebar and simultaneously hold your smartphone, making charging on the go.

Again, two diode flashlight 90 lumens in the design of the Drill Turbine allow to use the device and as a wind Dynamo. Securing the wind turbine to the handlebar, even in calm weather to gather energy and to light up their way. published


Source: extremeforlive.livejournal.com/691028.html


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