NASA will build an electric plane by the spring of 2018

Electric aircraft, X-57, "Maxwell" NASA is developing the initiative with New Horizons Aviation. The first flight tests of the Kh-57, which will have 14 engines, scheduled for spring 2018. On the creation of aircraft engineers Flight research center. Armstrong and Langley Research center. The aircraft has already received the fuselage of the model Tecnam P2006T to be connected to the experimental wing. Aviation innovation NASA needs to confirm the idea that the distribution of power between several motors (14 in the case of X-57), will lead to a 5-fold reduction required to set the speed 280 km/h of electricity," said a NASA spokesman Peter Sinclair.

Maxwell will be powered only by batteries, not to release carbon dioxide and to show an example of transition to clean fuels. The batteries produced at the plant Electric Power Systems in California.

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Another potential advantage will be the reduction of noise inside the cabin.

According to the intentions of the 10-year initiative, New Horizons Aviation, X-57, if successful, will initiate a number of new, larger electric airplanes.

In the first stage will develop the concept of a plane with 12 small electropropulsion and two large motors on the wings. Propellers are used to generate lift forces during takeoff and landing, and the main role in the set speed will play two big motor. Made all the engines the company of Joby Aviation, Santa Cruz. published




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