The keys to abundance: with these immutable laws, you will attract money in the house!

Everything that surrounds us — the material manifestation of subtle energy. At its core, energy — neutral. Only after interaction with a man it acquires a particular color. Depending on our influences this energy can be healing and destructive.

Money is no exception. The energy of money is also manageable. We used to think money something more negative than positive. But, money can destroy and enrich. We must remember that the main purpose of money is to bring joy, give the ability to enjoy all the benefits to gain.

For proper interaction with the money you must master the basic knowledge about monetary laws.

  1. "Money energy obedient attention"
    Attention is important in any business. What kind of energy we fill our life depends on our attention. Sosredotachivaja on the positive, to dream about the money as about the good and the means of achieving the objectives.
  2. "What we send is what you get"
    Concentrate on money, get their their thoughts, become so-called "magnet to money".
  3. "Give and receive with joy
    Do not take a loan. But, if this is the case, give me the money in high spirits, with ease and joy. Pay bills, make purchases only with positive emotions.

Change your thoughts to positive, get rid imposed on childhood false beliefs and negative thinking. You will see how it will significantly improve your financial situation!


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