Pink lagoon in Mexico

This pink lagoon in Mexico is most likely that the main reason for which was created Instagram. Waters has such an unusual color that people find it difficult to believe that this is real. Nevertheless, it's a naturally occurring phenomenon, it even has a perfect scientific explanation.

Laguna can be found in the small fishing village of Las Coloradas, located on the east coast of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. In our case, no magic and absolutely no unnatural dyes are not used to somehow change the color of the lagoon in favor pink. In fact, everything is very simple, in this pond there is a great variety of micro-organisms - plankton and brine shrimp, which give the water a pink color. All this grandeur still adorn the mountain of salt, which are present here: the previously Las Coloradas was mining town in which hunted in that mined salt

. Great place that should be visited, you just look at the pictures of those who have already done:


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